Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Little Late

I apologize for announcing the winner a little late....I can't seem to have more than a week without getting the flu again.  Also, I have been unable to comment on all the wonderful entries lately because of the persistent flu.  Even though I haven't personally commented, I have looked at the entries.  They have really been outstanding..

I was thinking today that back in 2009 when I first posted I begged a friend to follow me so I would have at least one follower.  Now I look today and there are 409!  I can't believe it.  I never thought this would happen.  And all the friends I have made through blogland-there are so many.  Thanks everyone for being a follower.  It really makes blessed.  I hope you will continue.    Also much gratitude to my Design Team.  They (both past and current) have been the best.  Please go to their blogs and comment on their creations.

Now to the current challenge--it is "Anything Goes".  Have fun!

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