Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vacation is Over

Many great memories are left from my vacation.  However, I would like to share a couple of pictures.
Cruise Ship Vision of the Seas
Two Birds in Cartagena, Columbia.   Yes, that is  hubby. (the one with the hat)
A scrapbooking session on the ship.  Ladies were learning how to use a diecutter.
Ship going through the Panama Canal
A tram ride through the rainforest in Costa Rico
A fashion show at a marketplace in Guatemala
Yes, I bought this bag.  I couldn't resist.
After visiting 5 countries, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rico, Guatemala, amd Mexico we landed in San Diego, CA. and then flew back to Tennessee.  I can't wait to go on this trip again.


  1. Great pictures - looks like fun! Valerie

  2. Wow Vicki looks like you had a wonderful time - thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

  3. Welcome back! The photos look lovely.

  4. Looks like an amazing vacation!

  5. Welcome back!! What fun, looks like you had a very good tie. Yes, I would have bought the bag too...LOL. Sorry we missed each other. I was actually sick the days your were in San Diego :( So you will definitely have to come back here.

  6. fab pictures -- it looks like you had so much fun! i'm so glad you got this well-deserved vacation. welcome back. xo

  7. What a wonderful trip! Glad you had a great time - nice weather too! Enjoy your week and welcome back!

  8. That looks like a lot of fun, Vicki! Glad to see you back safe. Vee xx

  9. It looks like you and dad had a wonderful time on your vacation. Was the bird trying to walk down your back? The guy holding the bag you bought doesn't look to thrill with you taking his picture. :)