Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Art Journal- Page Two

I know a lot of people do a page a day on their art journal.  I have two- that's not bad for a month!  I am just feeling my way around on this craft venue.  I am just loving doing the backgrounds.  Where I need help is what to put in the foreground.  Well here it is my second page.  I hope you can see the symbolism in it. 
.My hubby wanted to know if I was making a ransom note with all the cutting of the letters out of the newspaper.!  I had completely demolished the newspaper before he got to read it.  The background is basically watercolors


  1. LOL.... ransome notes, now that is a good one! I really like this page Vicki! I'm with ya on doing the backgrounds. Sometimes I mess with my backgrounds until they become the focal point! There is usually a quote floating around somewhere I want to use. I LOVE the one on this page. WELL DONE!!

  2. Vicki this is just wonderful! such lovely colors and a lovely concept. xo

  3. Oh, Vicki.. What you say is funny to me, because oftentimes I find the foreground easier than the background!!! I think that's mostly a time issue for me though. I slap my idea/event/theme onto the paper in a fair enough amount of time, but I don't always have the time to "play" with a background. I did get some new stencils recently, though, so I'm definitely itching to play with them some time soon!... Recently I found a challenge to make a page about "sacred spaces"; and I really had trouble trying to think of a "sacred place" in my tiny apartment!! Well now, why didn't I think of the TUB!!! OF course! (0; LOVE your journal page, and have a great day! ~tina