Monday, October 16, 2017

October Time

The minute October arrives most people and all the stores think of Halloween. The theme for October at Gecko Galz  is "Things That Go Bump in the Night

I really don't do Halloween cards.  However, I did make a popup card which took right much time.  I apologize for the size of the Gecko Galz raven, but I wanted a realistic size for my fence.

Above is the outside of my card with a pumpkin which has been embellished with Stickles.  Below inside is the jack-o-lantern which pops up.  It took a while and a couple of tries to him him to pop up.

Since I don't do Halloween, I made a couple additional cards using some of my favorite autumn paper from Gecko Galz.


  1. Your cards are lovely, Joan. I have been struggling with making a popup card, and from seeing yours, I think I may have it upside down! So thanks!

  2. beautifully done! you've mastered the pop up! xo