Friday, March 18, 2016

Gecko Galz Today

Today is my day at Gecko Galz;  With packing and moving I have been only able to make a couple of things this time.  One reason is exhaustion and the other not being able to find all my supplies.
The background on both of these tags is watercolor powder.  This is something fairly new for me and I love using it. 
I put a little humor with this  tag.  I gave the girl an egg body and the flowers seem to be in her hair.  I decided to leave her face back and white so it would stand out from the colorful egg body..

Below is the freebie that Gecko Galz has graciously given me to share.  Enjoy


  1. lovely pieces! thanks for the freebie! please take good care of yourself, rest up and i am sure all your supplies will soon appear and be avaible for your use! xo