Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hot Weather Means Going to the Beach

Don't forget that Lunagirl Moonbeams are still enjoying the summer with a "Bathing Beauties" challenge.
This piece of cardstock has been lying on my work table forever and I was tired of moving it around so I decided the best thing to do with it is use it.  I am not sure how I made this background.  I just know it started out as a piece of red cardstock.  I know, it is hard to believe!   If you look closely, you will see a hint of red.
Below you will see what I made with a piece of it.  At least there is not quite as much to move around until I can use the rest.  Yes, I am sure, at least I hope, not the only one who saves all the leftovers from a project.
The sand was made with a piece of tan cardstock stenciled with a little brown ink.  And, of course, the image is from Lunagirl!


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  1. It's wonderful! I love that you made use of something that had been hanging around, it's charming!