Saturday, January 30, 2010

Putting on the Glitz

I'm putting on the Glitz!  This is one of a couple of cards I am doing for the PK Glitz Card Sketch and Gingsnap Creations' Mettalics Challenge.  I used PKG's embossing ink and powder.  It is hard to tell, but the black cardstock has Glassy Embossing.  Theis give a metalic look to the black.  I used a Cuttleburg folder and then embossed with Timber color embossing powder.  The letter is also embossed.  The embossing was done on a finished piece of chipboard with almost a plastic finish.  I was afraid that the embossing powder wouldn't take, but it did fine.  In fact, it has a real metallic-looking finish.  The nice thing about PKG's embossing powder is that there are so many colors and shades of color.  You can find some powder to go with almost anything.

The stamp is a new one and is from the Song Sheet from Hearts in Touch.   I am proud to say that I won it in a challenge.

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