Monday, June 22, 2009



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One of the most mechanical constructed cards is the Waterfall Card. Below is a tutorial for making one. Thanks to Melissa Morris for the tutorial.

Products used:

Decorative Scissors
43/4 x 7 Card
Double Sided Tape

Using the template provided above, draw and cut out all the pieces in your chosen color of card stock. ( For a clear printable copy of the template, click on the template.)

Score the lines in A

Glue pieces D on top of pieces C and E on top of C.
If you want phrases or words under your layered squares to show when you cascade the waterfall, apply them now. Be sure to allow room for the taped portion.
Place double sided tape just below the score lines. Add
an extra piece of the tape to the bottom square. Place the layered squares in place under the score lines on top of the tape.

Assemble piece B. Place double sided tape in the center on the front side.
Place piece B under the last square about even with the score line.

Attach the waterfall to your card by placing brads at the anchor points on piece B. Insert a ribbon through the punched hole in piece A (this will be pulled to make the waterfall cascade).

Finish your card with stickers, stamps or edging.

Happy Stamping